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Worship is now available in paperback from Amazon.

Worship is natural for humans.  We were made to worship; made in the image of God.  When God looks at each of us, he longs to see his image reflected in our lives; in our actions and in our attitudes.  He reveals his love to us and we answer with a loving response.  That’s the heart of worship.

This material grew out of an idea for a course for aspiring worship leaders among the inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison Dovegate and has expanded to be an in-depth study of how and why we should worship God.

This book is written to be accessible by those who are not ‘cultural Christians’ but who want to be involved in worshipping and leading others in worship. 

Written from an evangelical and free-church perspective, it does not set out to reflect the practices and traditions of everybody, nor is it an academic study.

This book is not a ‘how to’ guide for worship leaders and musicians, nor is it a devotional guide to selecting songs, prayers and readings.  Instead it sets out to be an introduction to the theology of Christian worship.

I hope you will find it helpful and inspiring as you seek to serve God.


One thought on “Worship

  1. Ok. . . I would like to read you book on Ghosts but cannot download it. . . it is difficult for me to read on a screen I prefer a tangible book. . . is there way to get a pdf?

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